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STA 2021 Histories of Childbirth Medicalization in East Asia: An Intercultural Conversation (1:36)

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Histories of Childbirth Medicalization in East Asia: An Intercultural Conversation

Sci-Tech Asia

18 March 2021


Length: 1hr, 36min


Number of views: 53 (as of 16 February 2022)


Format: Panel


Speakers: Gonçalo Santos (China), Chiaki Shirai (Japan), Suzanne Z. Gottschang (China)


Synopsis: This webinar was divided into four main sections: historical dynamism of childbirth in Japan medicalization and its normative politics from 1868-2017; maternal mortality, midwives, and cesarean sections in China from 1900s-2000s; cesarean technologies, generational times, and morality of childbirth medicalization in rural China; and a Q&A session with all the panelists. They put forward the idea that comparing and contrasting East Asian experiences of childbirth medicalization provides an alternative to Western-centric discourses and models that tend to focus on notions of individual choice. It situate Chinese and Japanese women's birthing experiences in the context of larger reproductive assemblages and hierarchies to highlight the changing spatial and temporal moral tensions and social inequalities shaping ongoing processes of childbirth medicalization and modernization. 


Access Webinar Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjYG-ZLGjz4 


Keywords: Topic Overview, Policies, Policy Makers, Academics, Panel, Between one and two hours, Maternal Health, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Maternal Mortality, Maternal Mental Health, Newborn Health, Child Health, Respectful Maternity Care, Reproductive Health


Reviewed By: Ivy Wong




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