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NICHQ 2018 Improving Our Approach: Better Conversations about Breastfeeding (1:00)

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Improving Our Approach: Better Conversations about Breastfeeding




Length: 1hr, 0 min


Number of views: Thousands as of 2018


Format: Panel

Speakers: Lori Feldman-Winter, Suzanne Bronheim, Elisabeth Coté


Synopsis: The speakers discuss a conversational approach to encourage new mothers to breastfeed by stating the benefits, who breastfeeds, why breastfeeding is important, and addressing potential issues. They also include an example conversation for providers who want to put this approach into practice.


Access Webinar Here:https://www.nichq.org/improving-our-approach-webinar?submissionGuid=3ca21b52-9426-439e-b25f-fa09ca3f5aaf


Keywords: Topic Overview, Programs and Initiatives, Policy Makers, Academics, Clinicians, Panel, Lecture, One hour or less, Maternal Health, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Newborn Health, Child Health, Respectful Maternity Care, Reproductive Health 


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