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QoCNetwork and CHTF 2021 Advancing community engagement for quality MNH - Bangladesh Example (1:02)

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Advancing community engagement for quality maternal and newborn health - An example from Bangladesh

Quality of Care Network and Child Health Task Force

27 September 2021


Length: 1hr, 2min


Number of views: 142 (as of 29 March 2022)


Format: Panel


Speakers: Olive Cocoman, Dr. Jatan Bhowmick, Dr. Priyanka Paul Chowdhury, Julianne Birungi


Synopsis: This webinar shared lessons learned at the district and sub-district level in Bangladesh to advance community engagement in sustaining and improving maternal and newborn health services. Speaker Julianne Birungi had internet issues, and was not able to present her part. To fill this time, the hosts jumped into the Q&A early, so there was an extended question and answer session.


Access Webinar Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKImW8I4BSA 


Keywords: New Evidence, Policy Makers, Academics, Panel, One hour or less, Maternal Health, Newborn Health, Child Health, Respectful Maternity Care


Reviewed By: Julia Roberts


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