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Keywords to Search By or Label New Uploads With: 


For searches: choose one or more keywords from the categories relevant to your search desires.

  • To search by more than one term, see the "For a more specific search" section under the "How to Navigate" heading on the FrontPage


For uploading a new webinar: choose one or more keywords from each category to label your entry with, based on the webinar's content


Categories with Keywords to Sort By:


    • Target Audience:
      • Policy Makers
      • Academics
      • Clinicians 


    • Format of Webinar (a description of each can be found in the Submission Guide):
      • Interview
      • Fireside Chat
      • Panel
      • Lecture


    • Length of Webinar:
      • One hour or less
      • Between one and two hours
      • Two or more hours


    • Topics Discussed in Webinar:
      • Maternal Health
        • Pregnancy
          • Contains anything related to: prenatal care, prenatal development, pregnancy complications, miscarriage, etc 
        • Childbirth 
        • Postpartum   
        • Breastfeeding 
        • Maternal Mortality  
        • Maternal Mental Health 
          • Contains anything related to: antenatal depression, postpartum depression, perinatal anxiety, etc 
      • Newborn Health
        • Contains anything related to: premature infant, neonatal care, infant mortality, etc 
      • Child Health    
      • Respectful Maternity Care
        • Contains anything related to: woman centered care, birth companion, disrespect and abuse, etc    
      •  Reproductive Health
        • Contains anything related to: family planning, contraception, etc
      • COVID-19 




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