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Welcome to the UCSF Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Webinar Review Wiki

This is a workspace that organizes recorded Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health webinars from multiple sources, and puts them in one, easy to navigate place! Please edit this database, create new pages, and invite others to use this workspace with you.


What is Included:

  • Recordings of webinars from multiple universities and organizations that have been screened for sound and video quality, sorted into different folders based on the global regions discussed in the webinar, and tagged with identifying qualities of the webinar.
  • A "Monthly Most Watched" folder, into which our reviewers will put the top three, most watched webinars from the last month.
    • The criteria for "most watched" is the number of views the webinar received during the month it was published.
  • There is a folder for each global region that could be discussed in a webinar, and a folder for "Monthly Most Watched" webinars. 
    • Global regions folders: "Global," "Africa," "Asia," "Australia/New Zealand," "Europe," "Middle East," "North/Central America," and "South America" 
      • the "global" folder is where webinars that discuss different global regions within a single webinar can be found; within this folder is one subfolder for low-to-middle-income countries, one for high-income countries, and one for webinars that discuss both. 
    • "Monthly Most Watched" folder is where you can find our reviewers' top three most watched webinars of the month (updated during the middle of the following month).
      • There will be subfolders labelled with the month and year for the past and present "Most Watched" lists 


Click Here for Last Month's Most Watched Webinars


How to Navigate:

  • We highly recommend watching this three-minute video on how to navigate this wiki
  • For a search based on geographic regions or most watched webinars:
    • Go to Pages & Files tab in the upper left corner: click on the folder (and subfolder, if needed) relevant to your interests to generate a list of relevant webinars in this wiki
      • Once in a folder or subfolder, you can search for webinars in ONLY that specific folder or subfolder by using the search bar in the upper right of the folder (right under the "share this folder" option)  


  • To search for a webinar who's title, host organization, or speaker(s) you know:
    • In the search bar in the upper right corner, type the title of the webinar, the host organization (or their acronym), OR the speaker(s) in the webinar 
      • If the word you choose has >1 word (ex. "Dilys Walker"), put quotes around the entire phrase. 


  • To generate a list of webinars that match ONE of the below keywords:
    • Option 1: Search by Keywords
      • In the search bar in the upper right corner, type ONE of the keywords from the below list of "Categories with Keywords to Sort By"
        • If the word you choose has >1 word (ex. "one hour or less"), put quotes around the entire phrase.
      • Examples: "one hour or less" OR clinicians


  • To generate a list of webinars that all match MULTIPLE criteria: 
    • Use the Search Bar in the upper right corner: Type the keyword(s) from any of the categories that you would like to filter your search by (see the list of keywords to use in the "Categories with Keywords to sort by" section below). Separate keywords with a space, and use a "+" before keywords that must be included in every webinar in your generated list of webinars.
      • If the keyword is a phrase that contains >1 word (ex. "one hour or less"), put quotations around the entire keyword phrase.
      •  Examples:
        • To create a list of webinars that ALL include every keyword, search: "New Evidence" +clinicians +"between one and two hours" +childbirth  



Categories with Keywords to Sort By:


    • Target Audience:
      • Policy Makers
      • Academics
      • Clinicians 


    • Format of Webinar (a description of each can be found in the Submission Guide):
      • Interview
      • Fireside Chat
      • Panel
      • Lecture


    • Length of Webinar:
      • One hour or less
      • Between one and two hours
      • Two or more hours


    • Topics Discussed in Webinar:
      • Maternal Health
        • Pregnancy
          • Contains anything related to: prenatal care, prenatal development, pregnancy complications, miscarriage, etc 
        • Childbirth 
        • Postpartum   
        • Breastfeeding 
        • Maternal Mortality 
        • Maternal Mental Health
          • Contains anything related to: antenatal depression, postpartum depression, perinatal anxiety, etc 
      • Newborn Health
        • Contains anything related to: premature infant, neonatal care, infant mortality, etc
      • Child Health    
      • Respectful Maternity Care
        • Contains anything related to: woman centered care, birth companion, disrespect and abuse, etc    
      •  Reproductive Health
        • Contains anything related to: family planning, contraception, etc
      • COVID-19 



How to Add to this Wiki:

  • We invite users to add webinars to this online resource tool! Your contributions will ensure that this webinar review remains up-to-date and relevant.
    1. Request access to edit this wiki
      1. Submit a request to website administrators here
    2. Once access has been approved, create your PBworks account
    3. Choose from the list of proposed webinars here
      1. OR you can find your own MNCH webinar recording by searching the web, Vimeo, YouTube, or other video sites for a webinar about any maternal, newborn, and/or child health topic that interests you. If you find a webinar using this method, please add it to the list of proposed webinars.
    4. Before watching the recorded webinar, please read the Submission Guide and look at the New Upload Format page to see what kind of information you will need to document when creating your entry. 
      1. The number of views can be found by clicking on the webinar's youtube link (usually an option by the video's settings if you began watching the webinar on the website you found it) and looking just below the video. If your webinar was uploaded on Vimeo, the number of views is right below the video, next to a triangle.  
    5. Upload your webinar to the appropriate folder (and subfolder, if needed)
      1. We highly recommend watching this four-minute video on how to add your webinar to this wiki
      2. To create an entry:
        1. Click on the "Pages & Files" tab in the upper left corner of this screen.  
        2. Click the "New" tab in the upper left, and select "Create a page."
        3. Name your page based off of the "Creating a title for your entry" section on the New Upload Format page.
        4. Now, before selecting the page you just created, copy the contents of the New Upload Template page
        5. Return to the "Pages & Files" tab, and click on the page you created in the list of pages and files.
        6. Click on the "EDIT" tab in the upper left of the entry, and update your entry by pasting and editing the New Upload Template 
        7. Press the "Save" button on the bottom left of the entry. 
        8. Make sure your new entry follows the formatting instructions on the "Creating an entry" section on the New Upload Format page. If it doesn't, edit your entry until it meets the formatting rules. (Note: If you used the New Upload Template, it should automatically be in the correct fonts, sizes, etc.)
        9. Now, move your entry to the correct folder (and subfolder, if needed):
          1. Go back to the "Pages & Files" page and select your entry by clicking the white box directly left of your entry's title.
          2. Once selected, press the "move" button above the list of pages and files, and click on the global region folder (and subfolder, if needed) your webinar best fits under.   
    6. Go to the spreadsheet of proposed/reviewed webinars and add the link to your webinar's wiki entry.
      1. Even if you reviewed a webinar that wasn't originally on the spreadsheet, please add your webinar's info. This is the spreadsheet we will look at when generating the "Monthly Most Watched" list. 
  • If you know of an interesting MNCH webinar that should be added to this wiki, but you don't have time to watch and create an entry for it, please add it to the spreadsheet of proposed/reviewed webinars. A reviewer will then upload it to this database. Thank you! 


With Suggestions for Improving This Wiki or the Review Process, Please Email Juliaroberts@berkeley.edu  


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